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Friday, September 18, 2009

Apology to the Fans

I want to express my sincerest regret for keeping all my devoted readers (read: my sister and boyfriend) waiting anxiously on the edge of their seats for my next post. Things have been a little crazy since summer ended and I plan on getting back on track starting immediately.

I will start by letting you all know how depressed I am about Hank Baskett's departure from the Philadelphia Eagles. Without Hank on the team, my chances of meeting Kendra are next to none. Hank will now be playing for the Indianapolis Colts, therefore relocating his family to Indiana. There is no chance Kendra will be ok with this transition. She is a born city dweller damnit! I predict that she will have a talk with Andy Reid, let him know what's up, and live in Philadelphia forever so she and I can be neighbors and best friends.

Kendra has yet to comment about the trade on her blog, BUT she did post last Friday about her birthday present to Hank.

I took [Hank's car] to XTREME Auto Interiors in Roslyn, PA just outside of Philly. The owner, John, has done work for many of the Eagles players and we had heard good things about him, so that’s why we chose him for the job.

This place is 4 miles from my house. The car is still there being worked on. I know what I'm doing this weekend!


  1. Thank god you're back!!! No one dishes the reality scope like you do.
    Please don't make me go through withdrawal again.

  2. OMG this blog sucks so much. i used to love reading it every day, and i thought it was so funny, but then it went off the air for a month. i was willing to give it a second chance with this apology post, but apparently that was just a lie.