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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is He for REAL???

There's a reason Tony Romo is one of the most hated football players (for Eagles fans anyway). He is perhaps more full of himself than his former teammate TO. After his breakup from Jessica Simpson (the day before her birthday, might I add. Cheap much?), Romo put a sign at the entrance to his house that reads:
"Red Alert!!! Tony Romo has made some changes to his list of people allowed in... Jessica is no longer on the list and not approved for access."

FOR REAL???!!!

So many problems with this... Again, anyone who refers to themself in the third person is a douche and deserves to be humiliated publicly. Secondly, the world knows they broke up, do you really need to display your immaturity on your front lawn like a piece of trash? Thirdly, I'm assuming he did this to confirm the fact that he was the one to do the breaking...but it kind of makes it seem like she jilted him and he is left in the dust cleaning up his broken heart.

Jessica, take a lesson from Jennifer Aniston on humiliating ex boyfriends with class. And stay away from John Mayer!

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