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Monday, July 27, 2009

T.O. brings popcorn to Buffalo

Mo is left behind this week to meet her half sister for the first time in 36 years...I'll get to that in a minute...while Kita travels with Terrell and Pablo to Buffalo. Terrell is greeted by a swarm of fans in the airport, which has me thinking these people either don't know about his antics, are paid to inflate his ego even more-so, or are just desperate to have their team make the playoffs. I conclude that it is a combination of all 3, further illustrated when the mayor presents TO with a key to the city. While I do like TO, and I pity him for the childhood he went through, I'm not blind enough to know that if he isn't spoiled and treated like the god that he thinks he is, he will clash with the team and be traded within the year. But by presenting him with the key, a conflict is already being setup in the locker room. What about the other teammates...who have been working hard for the team for years. Do they have a key? How will his big head even fit into the locker room now? I'm predicting problems in the near future.
Moving on...Mo spends the entire episode worrying about her older sister whom she has never met. She gets ahold of her phone number and makes plans to meet for lunch. The phone conversation is not caught on film, and when Mo is left alone at the restaurant, she is only informed via text message (45 minutes after meeting time). I'm beginning to think that this is all a part of Kita's master plan. She realized after last week that something would have to change if she was going to be with Terrell. So she dupes Mo into staying home, somehow gets rid of Pablo and ends up on a romantic date with Terrell in the middle of Niagara Falls. Of course, she puts on a huge scene, pretending that she doesn't want to go on the boat, but I see right through this act. Terrell in turn, picks her up and carries her onto the boat, where she holds onto him for dear life. Not very subtle, as even TO starts to pick up on it and tells her to shut up and act like she's been in public before. Very nice. She needed to be told.
After the boat ride, she surprises her "client" when she tells him they'll be spending the night nearby. They pull up to a tiny little bed & breakfast, where the old couple tells them they are completely booked except for 1 room. Of course. Plan is in action and Kita tells the couple and TO that she misunderstood but that they would deal with it. Until she realizes there is 2 beds and she still won't get to sleep with him. Perhaps realizing what she is up to, Terrell insists they stay so that Kita won't have a chance to find a 1 bed room. I am happy to say his standards are higher than I thought and I hope Kita gets canned for this little stunt. Leave her in Buffalo while you go ho it up in LA, TO!
Can't wait to see what happens next week when Mo finds out about Kita's little scheme. Mo could definitely take her.

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