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Thursday, July 23, 2009

What is he/she thinking??

It's no secret that a Hollywood lifetime is equal to around 5 years. And since celebs have the life even before finding love, many people like to hate when they start dating other celebs who also have it all. It's the double threat/complete envy factor. I'd like to take the time now to voice my opinion on Hollywood couples that I'd like to see make it, and couples I'd like to see humiliated in a public break up.

The Happy List

  • Pink & Carey Hart (Pink gets on my nerves and she's an angry little thing...but they make a cute couple and any married couple that legally seperates and then reunites is definitely on the happy list.)

  • Kendra & Hank (Again, I'm an Eagles fan, but also an avid Girls Next Door fan and a huge follower of their new show. I love them together and while they seem to be opposites, I really hope they last.)

  • Brian Austin Green & Megan Fox (I don't think these 2 are technically even together right now...but they're photographed holding hands every now and then...which means there's a chance! Some people may hate, but I'm a huge fan of 90210 reruns and David Silver bagging Megan Fox is huge! I hope it happens. Please God.)

Britney & KFed (Again, not technically together, but photographed once in a while. Kids are involved. Even though KFed might be a druggie and Brit is a's better that they see the kids together than each get them alone.)

  • Ashton & Demi [They've already outlived the Hollywood record of longest marriages (approximately) and I love how they're one big happy family with Bruce Willis. Even though her kids are old enough to be Ashton's mistress...they make it work and I wish them the best.]

  • Sarah Michelle & Freddie Prinze (Anyone that actually spends their time on their relationship rather than seeing how much publicity you can get from it deserves to be together.)

  • Teresa Giudice $ Joe Giudice (No that $ is not a typo. Real Housewives of NJ for those of you who don't know. They're wonderful. So in love, 3 beautiful daughters...I want to adopt Gia...deserve to be together for life.)

The Shit List

  • Speidi [Any couple that refers to themselves as one, and in the third person, deserve to be humiliated and not allowed in public. Also, as I own every season of the Hills (they were all well as on my wish list for every holiday/birthday), I get the immediate before and after clips of Heidi and, although she was kind of ditzy and unmotivated before Spencer...she's just a whore after. I hope she dumps him and gets her original face and body back and he is never to be spoken of again. In fact, I hope he is forced to wear her new nose and boobs as punishment.]

  • Brangelina (Angelina's a whore. Can you tell I'm not a fan of infidelity? And Jen is so much better for him. Anyone who disagrees is a whore also.)

  • Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard [as much as I would like to see Lauren happy in a relationship for once...I just don't see it happening. She's still too young (10 days older than me...we share a sign, jealous?) This is only her first off-cam relationship. That's basically equivalent to a 7th grade relationship. You think it's real because it's the first time you feel anything (down there and otherwise) but she'll move on. Plus..that whole thing about Ryan Gosling hitting on her at a bar and Kyle wanting to fight the guy...PLEASE! Talk about 7th grade relationship. Sorry if not EVERYONE knows who you are and follow who you're dating, Lauren. Maybe he just thought you were some easy chick at a bar. (LOVE YOU LC)]

  • Robo-Tomkat (It's just unnatural. She used to dream about him as a child. Really? That's what gets you going Tom? Are you even straight? Please stop reproducing for the sake of the America turning into that Will Smith robot movie.)

These are the couples I'm most opinionated about. Stay stuned to this post as it will be updated frequently. Also, opinions in agreement or disagreement are welcome as always.

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