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Friday, July 24, 2009

Just Say NO... Facebook relationship status. I am completely against this. Sure it's fine going from "single to in a relationship." But who wants the world to know when they go from "in a relationship to single"? Not to mention the little broken heart that appears next to your name on everyone's newsfeed. As if it's not bad enough to go through a breakup, now 300 of your closest friends have the option to "Like" or "Comment" on your doomed lovelife. I think I would be so devastated by having to register my new single status on the web, that I would quickly get over the breakup itself. Until people start commenting, that is. Am I really obligated to give a play by play on my love life? Is nothing sacred anymore?!

My other hangup with relationship status is when people put "It's complicated with (insert same sex platonic friend's name here)." Some girls may do this to mock the idea of it, but I doubt it. Because I know many people who apologize (via their status of course) to the platonic friend when they actually get a man and feel obligated to change the status accordingly. This just makes you look like a fool who made yourself feel better by being in a "facebook relationship." Why is "it's complicated" even an option?? Do people really need to know that your love life is on the rocks? And what if you think it's complicated but your other half thought things were just made it complicated!

Please people, spare us of your drama. If we're not close enough for you to call us and let us know things are going down the toilet, then we probably don't care.

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