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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kendra's Mom is a Meanie

On this week's episode of Kendra, the former GND star tells her friends, family, and audience that she is pregnant. While there are some smiles and gasps of excitement, Patty cannot hide her disdain. She tells her daughter "Good luck. I can't pretend to be happy for you." and sends Kendra running out of the room/town crying. Was this completely necessary? We all know that your husband left you with 2 kids and probably very little income...but Kendra is marrying a public figure..who also is a millionaire. She also owns her very own mini-mansion and has a steady cash flow coming in without ever having to really "work." Yes, she's only 23 and yes she did get engaged very soon after leaving the mansion...but is that what you're really upset about? You didn't seem to mind one bit when Kendra moved in with a 78 year old man when she was 60 years his junior..not to mention the 2 other girlfriends... We all saw how you reacted when Kendra told you she was leaving the mansion for true love. Do you want your daughter to be a miserable shrew who never leaves her mother's side like you? Let's compare..

Life at the Mansion:
  • Living and fornicating with a 83 year old man.
  • Never allowed to leave the house without giving a detailed plan of where she would be at all times.
  • Coming in last to the old man's other 2 girlfriends.
  • Never had to be responsible for cooking or cleaning or bettering herself in general.
  • Paid $1000 a week paycheck for her "job" as a girlfriend...I think there's a word for that?

Life with Hank:

  • Have mini-mansions on both coasts.
  • Dating a man her own age.
  • Hank's only girlfriend.
  • Marriage isn't a forbidden subject.
  • Can have spontaneous sex without medicine.
  • Husband is young enough for kids.
  • The list goes on
  • and on
  • and on

So what's the problem Patti? Are you mad that you can't live vicariously through the life of a playmate anymore? Do you miss being catered to on the few occasions where Kendra was allowed to have guests? Do you not have enough faith in your daughter to take care of herself and be in a committed relationship?

As a matter of fact, were you the bum I saw sleeping right outside of the mansion gates? Take what you can get Patti, because without Kendra, you wouldn't have that new face and all the perks you get from her allowance. I've got it! You're afraid that the baby will get your share of Kendra's income? Well get with it woman. You're last week's leftovers.

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