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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Newsflash: Nobody cares

Facebook is getting on my last nerve REAL quick. Not Facebook specifically, because Mark Zuckerberg is just trying to cash in on people's egotistical obsessions with themselves. Nice touch, Mark. But the obsessive egomaniacs themselves. I am completely fed up, yet totally infatuated with status stalking. Case in point:

NameA: I'm sad. (About 2 hours ago)
NameB: Why boo?
NameC: Cheer up!
Name D: Dislike.
NameA: I'll message you and tell you.

If you want people to know that you're sad, why not let them know WHY you're sad?? And why must you make the point of writing that you're going to send it in a message. JUST SEND IT IN A MESSAGE. Why do people feel the need to catalog every thought and emotion they experience during the day?? And why do I get so sucked into it?

NameA: I'm happy (About 1 hour ago)
NameB: Yay! I knew you would get through it! That jerk doesn't deserve your attention!
NameC: Like.
NameE: Congratulations!

Within 1 hour you went from sad to happy? Did just the point of posting that you were sad make you happy? Is that all it takes? Or is it that people care enough to comment on your sadness.

Another thing..these people that have Facebook on their it really necessary? Do you really need to let everyone know your status at all points throughout the day?

Name1: I think I need to go grocery shopping. Working up energy to do so. (12:03pm)

Name1: Just went grocery shopping. About to make some food. (2:04pm)

Name1: So full. Why did I eat so much? (3:14pm)

Name1: Taking a nap. So tired. (5:00pm)

If you're tired...GO TO BED! Why do you have to take the time to tell people that you're tired? It just baffles my mind how much people enjoy updating their 500 acquaintances. Do they really sit there thinking "I have to update my status. People are probably curious as to what my day was like." Guess what. We're not.
It's only a matter of time before our minds are automatically linked to the computer and our thoughts just appear as statuses.

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