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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Speidi is back for more rating boosters

Executive producer for The Hills spills the dirt on the upcoming season. There are plenty of new faces, including Laguna Beach alum Kristen Cavallari, and the former object of Spencer's straying eye, Stacy the Bartender. But with Kristen revealing in several interviews that the Hills is her "job" and that she was brought in by the producers to "fight, party, and drink," how are we expected to keep on pretending that what we are watching is real? The story lines are interesting, the actors do a pretty good job at making it seem real (on the show at least. All the interviews and pictures in the tabloids paint a different tale), so why not just call it scripted?

Looks like even the producers are getting lazy as Kristen Cav is photographed here reportedly reading the Hills script during a "romantic scene" with J.Bob.

Another potential catfight involves Brody's current girlfriend Jayde. How will she get along with his ex, Kristen? Either the producers chose not to go that route (why the hell not? PLENTY of drama there) because Jayde occasionally tweets about how much she loves Kristen. Either she is forced to make friends with her because the script doesn't include the fact that Kristen and Brody once dated, or Jayde is threatened by Kristen and is making an attempt to stay on her good side. "Truth and time tells all."

What is with Stacey the Bartender and Holly Montag being BFF, or as they call each other "hubby and wifey"?? Didn't Heidi accuse Stacey of stealing her man and spend 3 episodes trashing her? This is either Holly acting out against Spencer...or an oversight of Heidi and Stacy's former feud.

"Let's just pretend it never happened. Nobody remembers last season anyway."

The most obscene and ridiculous of all script changes: "Heidi and Spencer are entering some interesting new territory of considering parenthood," says Exec Producer Liz Gately. Really?? REALLY??? This is what they're trying to pull? After Heidi said in Playboy that she wouldn't want to mess up her body with children anytime in the near future. These two are just one giant contradiction.

"Let's fight on camera and then be a vision of perfection in interviews."
"Let's break up on camera, but then be photographed together for the tabloids."

"Let's get married on camera, but never make it legal."

"Oh you think people will notice? No way, they're 2 different worlds, right?"

How stupid does MTV think we are? Apparently pretty dumb, and with good reason, seeing as Lauren Conrad's novel based on the show made the New York Times bestseller list 3 weeks in a row.

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