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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Ruined Lives of Reality Stars

What is with reality stars televising their private therapy sessions? And moreso, what kind of therapist agrees to this? Aren't they under some kind of oath? If it's nationally televised, are they still not allowed to talk about it with their friends? I understand everyone is out for publicity and fame, but is being on an episode of The Hills or NYC Prep really the most creditable way to go about advertising your business? Especially a business that is categorized by confidentiality?

Let's take a minute to dissect Heidi and Spencer's therapist on the Hills. One, her hair is a different color every week. There's something to be said about one who is always seeking change, whether in their appearance, worklife, lovelife, etc. Two, she was America's best chance of ridding the world of Speidi. She had it within her power to shut them up, or at least publicly humiliate them into seclusion. They are presumably going to her for help and advice on making their "relationship" work. All she needed to do was suggest living a more private life. Granted, they may not have listened, but she could have at least mocked them a little more. It would have gotten ratings if nothing else. Slap them upside the head a little, force them to watch Hills reruns, maybe even take a picture of them under bad lighting and force them to stare at it. Any of these things would be acceptable. Instead, she called their relationship "high school" and that was the end of it. I hope she has been stripped of her license.

The things these "stars" talk about in their sessions is enough to ruin their future. Ok, Spencer and Heidi will spontaneously combust once they get their first wrinkly and are set with the money they collect from staged photo-ops and their Hills salaries to hold them over until then. But PC from NYC Prep is a senior in high school and trying to get into college. Meanwhile, he's talking about the excessive drugs and partying his life is made up of. You know colleges google you, right? You don't? Well I guess you could find a job without a college degree that won't check your background (fingers crossed). Construction worker? Oh, you're not fond of manual labor? Hmm..stripper? Oh, that grosses you out? Drug-dealer? Oh, that's tacky? Well..I guess you're pretty much screwed PC. Enjoy your 15 minutes while they last. You've got about 9 minutes left.

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