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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Is the Real World too real?

Why are these drunks forced to hold a job that if they fail at, they must leave the show? This just makes them hold back and worry only about their job, which nobody cares to see. I want to see the cast go out, get bombed and do something stupid. If they have to be at work by 8am the next morning, this restricts them from doing so. WHY, MTV, WHY?
Last week Joey got drunk and slept through his shift. The rest of the episode is about whether or not he will be sent home. Isn't the entire show supposed to be based on 7 or 8 people drinking and fighting?? I just don't understand it. Let their entire lives revolve around how drunk and stupid they are going to act for the next 4 months.
Another thing about Real nobody capable of being faithful to their significant other? Yes, I realize there are mass quantities of alcohol involved, but you can't spend 4 months without sex, sober or not? You're even allowed 1 conjugal visit during the time spent filming. I feel for the long distance partners of the world.
If I was an MTV producer, the Real World would consist of 3 months, 7 people, 1000 bottles of alcohol, and an entire grocery store built into the house. Working is unnecessary. What do you need money for? Cover charges/drinks at a bar would be covered since you are bringing a camera in and giving the bar free advertising.
Call me, MTV. I'd get you good ratings. I also have alot of friends who are alcoholics and sluts. Let's work something out.

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  1. It is true! What happened to the good old days of Eric Neis? Bring back the Puck's, Trishelle's and Ruthie's of the Real World. The ones that used to throw caution (and personal hygene) into the wind.
    All I want to see is these idiots getting drunk, cheating on the people they "love," making asses out of themselves, and starting fights. A room with seven chimps, a case of Jack Daniels, and the ensuing feces tossing would be more entertaining than watching this.
    It is a sad day when the MTV Challenge shows are more entertaining and drama filled than the original shows that these clowns originated on.