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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What do you mean ‘What I’m yelling about?”

Daddy’s Girls Vanessa and Angela live like slobs. Like all slobs, they have mice in their mansion. Younger sister Angela packs her bags and tells her cousin and sister that if the exterminator doesn’t get rid of the mice, she will not live there. So the exterminator investigates, and promises to exterminate the mice. Angela finds this inhumane and says they can’t kill a living thing…what do you think it means to exterminate, Angela??? Meanwhile the only way you’ll walk around the house is in heels, in order to “elevate” yourself. I think you mean puncture. Off to the hotel she goes.
Daddy calls Angela and intervenes, telling her it is stupid to waste money on a hotel when you have an entire mansion to live in. So back at the house, she questions the exterminator about the Circle of Life. Do you eat meat, Angela? Pretty sure I’ve seen you eat a burger. After finally conceding, the exterminator tells the girls “you’re doing a good thing.” What a tool.
Spoiler alert: Mice are exterminated. Angela refuses to take off heels in house. Sorry.

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